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Keep it walking/running, and you'll get hurdles... if you jump over five consecutive hurdles, the head becomes a fish tank. I'm still trying to figure out what to do after I feed the fish, though. It seems like there's something there I'm missing.
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Ok, admittedly, I was a little harsh on them at first, too, then I considered the acoustic nightmare of trying to sing a capella with a group in open air with that much distance between members. Of course there's going to be better on CD.

I was expecting Rocky, too.
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*shrugs* I'm mostly in agreement, but one might also consider that the social conditions of the time would also be likely to have made even him understate her role. It's all relative.
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Actually, it's a bit ignorant to say that a person who committed suicide by gun would have managed by another means. What makes gun suicides unusually risky is that they are highly successful with a minimal amount of planning and minimal commitment (all it takes is being committed for the amount of time it takes to pull the trigger). Most other means take more work and/or time. Guns make suicide into something that can be accomplished in the space of a relatively brief (though extreme) impulse.
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The point is not really in the size, itself, to me... it's the shape. The experience of eating them used to be just right - almost a little sexual in its level of sensuality. Yes, the amount of sugar was near coma-inducing, but you could break open the thick chocolate, fit your tongue inside the egg to scoop out the cream, and then the remaining shell pieces would be curved just about right to fit between tongue and roof of the mouth, and melt there, delivering the full-mouth smooth Cadbury's mega-chocolate experience. That sudden 12% decrease in size has made the curves too tight, and the chocolate too thin to be all that satisfying as a multi-sensory experience. Even if the recipe hasn't changed, it was never really all about the flavor, by itself. As a result, I've only eaten two this year, and I think I may be off them for good, now. *sigh* Blast you, Hershey's, for messing with perfection!!! *shakes fist in the air* Oh well. Guess I'm eating healthier this year.
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