The Shrinking Cadbury Egg.

You may have noticed that Cadbury Creme Eggs are a bit smaller this year. The Cadbury website denies it, saying the size of the egg hasn’t changed. But BJ Novak of the TV show The Office appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and presented proof! Push play or go to YouTube. -via YesButNoButYes

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We featured this issue on Unbound Edition today.

Please see this link for our call to action:

Thanks! Hopefully we can get the rest of our egg back.
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These kinds of things are more common than you think - it's basically a way to increase the cost of goods without actually increasing the price (less of the product at same price = greater profit).

My biggest complaint is dishwashing liquid: they give you less liquid (more sudsing action! same cleaning power! concentrated solution!) for the same price or slightly less, knowing full well people will squirt the same amount onto their dishes.
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Lady Cooper -> The wrapper hasn't changed, I meant it was different from the US version In the video, it has blue and a little green in it, instead of the canadian wrapper which is just purple, red and yellow. But that may be just because of the quality of the video.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure they haven't changed in size, on a box of 3 I bought a little before easter, it says 1.38oz ^^
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According to wikipedia, the eggs did decrease in size by 12.3%, but only in the US. So write letters to the Hershey company and maybe they'll switch it back to the bigger size for next year.
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This reminds me to the New Coke crap back in the 80's just to slip us classic coke with corn syrup instead of sugar. I hasn't been the same since.
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