Ten Politically Incorrect Truths.

From Psychology Today, here's a list of the 10 Politically Incorrect Truths about Human Nature. For example: why men like blond bombshells, most suicide bombers are muslims, having sons reduce the likelihood of divorce, and beautiful people have more daughters.

Link - Thanks David R!

(Image is the iconic Marilyn Monroe scene in The Seven Year Itch)

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This is psuedo-science at its worst. Totally unsupported assertions contradicting each other in several places. Link to a good refutation:
Scroll down a bit, it's a four part series.
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Well it wasn't meant to be an academic argument anyway; calling the argument unsupported (surely you mean undocumented) is a little out of place. It was meant for entertainment, and clearly serves as a starting point for discussion. Even without citations, the logical progression never called for serious leaps. But I agree that without citations of evidence, the whole thing is a leap of faith.

If anything can be taken from this article, it is that males and females have profound effects on each other that we are still struggling to understand.

And surveys about hair...the hair and hip-waist ratio are non-conscious selective behaviors. A survey asks for a conscious response.
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How in the heck can one be expected to believe anything from an industry that fights itself in court and can't cure the common depression?

Nice laugh though.
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I find most annoying the way these findings are presented as fact. They aren't. They are speculation based on dubious research. I am a Ph.D. as well, and believe me, that title does not always constitute authority in a field.

In any case, I can attest in my own experience that several of those facts are parlously mistaken.
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