US Gun Deaths.

An average of 81 people die by gun every day in the US. The New York Times has a graphic showing the breakdown of those deaths by age, sex, race, and cause. Link -via Exploding Aardvark

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I came home this afternoon and realized it was hiding.
Sure enough, when I walked into the bedroom, it chased me around the house, firing every round in the chamber... and when it went empty it threw itself at me, barely missing... yessirree, my gun was completely out of control... yep we must control guns.

The reality is this.. i have a rifle sitting in my closet collecting dust because it has no feelings, no agenda, no passions, greed, jealousy or anything else that makes humans flawed. My rifle has never been fired in haste or in anger, because its OWNER controls himself.
Think of it this way.... When a murder by gun goes to trial, the gun is never sentenced to prison.
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im a little undecided on the topic, i dont see the need for semiautomatic weapons owned by citizens, u cant use those for sport, the only real use is crime

guns shold never be outlawed though im definite on that

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Another telling detail is that those who seek to disarm the law-abiding refer to "gun deaths" and crank out these shocking and horrific numbers... yet they intentionally fail to mention that, in addition to the suicides, the disarmers include:

deaths of criminals at the hands of other criminals, and

the deaths of criminals in the act of committing crimes from the lawful use of force (self defense / justifiable homicide) by law enforcement officers and armed citizens.

Oops. Little tiny detail that suddenly takes away the image of little Johnny and Janey getting mowed down by unattended "guns gone wild".
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Nothing could be more disgusting, embarrassing, shameful and childish than America's love affair with guns. You'd thinl we were still settling the prairies. The UK--to answer one question-- sees about 70 homicides a year. The US counts 30,000 by guns! Guns are designed to kill. Who the hell needs 'em? When will we ever grow up?
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"US Gun Deaths."

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