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Theres no seperating that one folks. There are a number of conjoined babies but look at that one! Its different, it has one head! I wonder if both faces are fully functional and I hope the child survives.. Bless her.
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This is an old idea that's been patented since the turn of the century.. Brush shoes, dust mop shoes etc etc.. These things never work out.. Why? Because your bust your ass! No one likes the though of landing on their tail bone because they're to lazy to do the floors.. Especially with these! Spray some "Glo" or Polish cleaner on the floor and you'll be on your ass in no time flat.
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There is some kind of Lie in this. The parents over fed him because they thought a big fat baby meant they were well off or something. He's not just big (I was a normal 10 pound baby) he's over fed and fat. Like the Iranian Augustus Gloop.
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We are Cat Lovers, this is appropriate!

I hope Beijing has an infestation of rats! Like Exodus Let My People Go style! EPIC rat takeover will be their Karma.
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Its snowed so damn much up here this year that this must be the first time in Ages they have released any significant amount of water from Glen Canyon. Lake Powell has been so low it was alarming to go there and see so much of the lake bed exposed. I wonder if it'll snow some more.
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I can't believe the amount of graffiti in southern California for about the last 7 years or so. The nice little hamlet that I grew up in is now a tagged up ghetto hell hole. I moved away years ago now, but it still breaks my heart to see what some people have done to my home town.
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If you leave autistic people to thier own devices this is what you get. In my expirience they must be coaxed out of these behaviours and encouraged to communicate and live a full life. They can do it! but it takes allot of work. Autisic children in other countries with more strict parents do much better and don't live in thier own worlds like this young lady. When i see someone like that I feel like no one cared enough to help her and encourage her to communicate with the rest of the world. Accpeting these behaviors and vices is only enabling thier dissability.
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