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Why use a dustmop when you can just clean the floor by walking on it? Microfiber fingers on the soles of these slippers grab dust, dirt, and hair as you walk around. The sole is detachable for cleaning. The drawback is that they only come in a size to fit women’s sizes 6-9, so children, most men, and women with larger feet are exempt from using them. Link -via the Presurfer

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They stole my idea! Actually, I sat on the idea for years now and never did anything about it.

The concept is not to use them to clean the floors, it is to not dirty them while you are walking around the house. Anyone with wood floors knows how often you have to sweep up. if everyone's movements around the house can keep the dustbunnies at bay, why not?

Many people use slippers in the house and not shoes to try to keep it clean, why not go one step further?

The price is way too high, and they are too elaborate. They should sell a bag of 20 pairs for $50 and you could literally wear them around the house like socks and toss them in the laundry after a day or two. There is no need to have the soles detach.
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no excuse for the limited size except that they haven't gotten around to it yet. don't worry, it will come. and when it does, men and children from around the world will say "wife/mom, you are great and we don't appreciate you enough. let's split up the household chores so that you feel like we actually contribute to the integrity of our family. thank you honey/mommy dearest for cleaning up for me in the past, but now with the use of the handy-dandy slipper genie, I will clean up after YOU!" oh man, this is totally just perpetuating gender roles in the household, but it just goes to show you how ridiculous product development is and that genuine equality will never be reached with these stereotypic mentalities. i know this takes the post to a different spectrum that nobody really enjoys being forced to read, but i just wanted to point out how ingrained gender roles are. i've been inundated(sp?) with gender crap this quarter at school, so even i am hoping my gender-equality comments die down a little bit... i just get really mad sometimes and take it out on neatorama and all of its lovely readers.

otherwise, these slippers are neat! gives me more of an excuse to slide across the floor!
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They don't come in children's sizes because, generally, children's footwear has sticky spots so they DON'T slip on the floors.

They don't come in men's sizes because, if the men fell and hurt their bums, their wives would have to put up with whining for weeks.

Not sure why they don't come in sizes for larger ladies, though...
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