Two-Faced Baby in India

This two-faced baby, born in a small rural village in Northern India just a couple of days ago, has already attracted a lot of worshippers:

Word spread quickly among villagers about the newborn baby girl.

The baby is seen as an incarnation of God and people make offerings and ask for the baby's blessing.

Link (with video clip) - Thanks Emperor and Holly Schroeder!

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I say we nuke all of those wierd bastards on that side of the world all the chemicals they bomb on theirselves is creating monsters like this one who knows whats next five headed osama bin laden or some shit wipe em off the earth!!!
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I think that is amazing.

And to someone of the comments here, for example "They worship everything weird in India." You are completely wrong and uneducated.

The baby looks like a GOD that they follow. That is why they think the baby is a reincarnation of a God. It isn't weird, they just follow what they believe in. Get educated.
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Wow, it seems like something the indians would see as a great thing, so I decided to do a top ten list of reasons this two faced indian child is blessed:
1. An instant job in an indian call centre on two phones at once.
2. A hot indian beaver for each face.
3. The ability to drive a taxi and keep his passengers in check.
4. Dinner and desert at the same time.
5. Smoking and non-smoking.
6. Watch telly and talk to the missus.
7. Play a keen game of poker.
8. Double the ballbreaking negotiation skills.
9. A gauranteed job as a tennis umpire.
10. More balls than anyone I know.

Best of luck with bubs, you may need to find an indian with an extra hand with that one.
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As a single mother of 3, I would gladly accept this baby as mine. I would love, spoil, and edcuate her the same way I have my others. She would never be told she has limits. She would learn how to deal with the "ugly" people she encounters. I would expect her to venture into the world and try whatever peaks her interest. In time, she would find her "thing" and become one of the best. I have grounds to stand on, one of my children grew up a medical challenge; but I never paved the road for him in an effort to make life easy. Over the years my son (now 20 yrs old) excels in everything he sets out to do because he KNOWS HE CAN! When I look at this baby, I see a beautiful child and I can only hope she is given the opportunity to experience the world and all it has to offer. I'll be watching her!
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"Get a brain dumb ass."

Rather than refute the person's comment you attack the person, how childlike and typical of a troll. Reread the person's article when you yourself have found a brain to activate and enjoy using.
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