Two-Faced Baby in India

This two-faced baby, born in a small rural village in Northern India just a couple of days ago, has already attracted a lot of worshippers:

Word spread quickly among villagers about the newborn baby girl.

The baby is seen as an incarnation of God and people make offerings and ask for the baby's blessing.

Link (with video clip) - Thanks Emperor and Holly Schroeder!

How many time did this ever happened? I think I read that similar occurances happened in the past but it's freaky how more frequent things like that happen all around the globe.

Abigail & Brittany Hensel
Lakshmi Tatma
Snake with 2 heads
Turtle with 2 heads
Cat with 2 heads
Pig with 2 heads

All in our own generation... kinda makes you wonder what the heck is happening.
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you just hear about it more as the world becomes more connected with the internet, these things get big coverage because they're so weird.
if you're hypothesis was that it might be to do with increased levels of radiation or just changing environmental conditions then that could have something to it. otherwise - put all of your superstitions out the window.
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West is used to the pretty and glamorous things in life
with TV and movie stars in make believe world,not as it is.USA TV did a story on the two girls,I just noticed I thought of them as two, with one body but two heads that were teenagers in public school.Each one was a different person.They were amazing in all of their outlooks on life and how they coped with it.True if it was in India or some other place they may have been seen as a type of Idol and other places they may of been aborted at birth.Makes you wonder about the value of life to different people and cultures.And a step further does everyones God have a plan for these births
or is to be explained-by and by as some would say?
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Johnald, the fact that there is more media attention on these sort of thing today makes no diffece. Word of mouth and history of people with deformity traveled through time and the Monster of Ravenna documentation is proof of that.

It was hard to prove the very existence of these individual by any other means then to directly exibith them and many times those were just fake but when it did happen people were talking about it, a lot.

So, by deduction, you can tell that all these events are really something new.
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Theres no seperating that one folks. There are a number of conjoined babies but look at that one! Its different, it has one head! I wonder if both faces are fully functional and I hope the child survives.. Bless her.
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One of Indias three main Hindugods, Brahma, has a head like the girl but with four faces.
So there is a good reason for the worship.
If she wasn't born in India such a birth defect would still remind me of Brahma immediately.
Maybe Brahma is even portrayed like that because of similar births in the past.
India has a great variety of lesser gods also. There is a big chance that a birth defect could be linked to one of them.
In Christianity there are much less links to make. You have to be born with wounds in your hands maybe or wings on your back.
Or Jesus has to appear on a piece of toast..!
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"put all of your superstitions out the window."

Put all your mind-closing b.s. out the window, we haven't discovered everything about the human mind yet, and our mind deals with perception of the world, how can we even hope to understand the external world when we can't even understand entirely the internal world of our own bodies? Anyone who tries to shut down someone's mind by closing out possibilities, by placing artificial limitations on perception, is a moron.
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"They worship pretty much everything unusual in India. Doesn’t make it a good thing."

They also retain a high respect for animals, rather than so called lands of freedom where they push all animals to the brink of human civilization thanks to the concrete jungles of human idiocy, and shove a few into zoos where you have to pay to see them.

Didn't gandhi say something about how you'll know the people of a country by the way they treat their animals? How many slaughterhouses are in your state? Spew all the bile you want about vegetarians/vegans/environmentalists all you want, humans are the disease which is destroying the Earth, now make a snide remark to feel better, an insult, or ignore this, rather than agree or use your mind for something other than another moment of entertainment to keep yourself in la-la land before going out to pollute the world for yet another day in your coffin on wheels.
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As the resident teratologist here at Neatorama, I just wanted to point out a couple of things out here.

First, these are indeed conjoined twins, specifically the condition is often referred to as Janus Syndrome by laypersons. This 'Janus' condition may be a form of conjoined twin where the fertilised egg does not completely split in half. But more recently, it has been attributed to disrupted embryo growth due to a protein called "sonic hedgehog" which causes excessive widening of the face.

This condition is not the same as having two sentient heads. It is likely that is is a case of a parasitic twining - one face being functional, the other being capable of rudimentary movement.

Such twining has occurred before and has entered pop culture. Tom Waits's Poor Edward is based on a similar account:

The infant could survive into adulthood. Chinese Chang Tzu Ping survived well into adulthood.

As for how common birth defects are globally, well, we are all mutations of an ideal. But the last figures I saw indicated that roughly 3% of all infant born are born with a recognizable defect. Of those 1% are 'serious' and of that 1% roughly one third survive for more than a year.
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jeez anonymous, is there any reason to come to neatorama outside of mindless entertainment? why on earth would you come here?

people have always loved a freakshow, we just don't cart the deformed around on circus trains anymore.
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no, anonymous, don't make the caveman consumers think! they want to remain in their little shit world of entertainment where nothing is worth thinking about! back to the useless red/blue games where the circus of civilians have no real power. vote for another corporate whore! back to your sleep, sheep!

paris britney obama madonna wardrobe malfunction

back to the dream world, sheeple!
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@three armed goat gal: What in the hell does your little spat have to do with his comment. It would seem that you are the moron. Get a brain dumb ass.
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"Get a brain dumb ass."

Rather than refute the person's comment you attack the person, how childlike and typical of a troll. Reread the person's article when you yourself have found a brain to activate and enjoy using.
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As a single mother of 3, I would gladly accept this baby as mine. I would love, spoil, and edcuate her the same way I have my others. She would never be told she has limits. She would learn how to deal with the "ugly" people she encounters. I would expect her to venture into the world and try whatever peaks her interest. In time, she would find her "thing" and become one of the best. I have grounds to stand on, one of my children grew up a medical challenge; but I never paved the road for him in an effort to make life easy. Over the years my son (now 20 yrs old) excels in everything he sets out to do because he KNOWS HE CAN! When I look at this baby, I see a beautiful child and I can only hope she is given the opportunity to experience the world and all it has to offer. I'll be watching her!
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Wow, it seems like something the indians would see as a great thing, so I decided to do a top ten list of reasons this two faced indian child is blessed:
1. An instant job in an indian call centre on two phones at once.
2. A hot indian beaver for each face.
3. The ability to drive a taxi and keep his passengers in check.
4. Dinner and desert at the same time.
5. Smoking and non-smoking.
6. Watch telly and talk to the missus.
7. Play a keen game of poker.
8. Double the ballbreaking negotiation skills.
9. A gauranteed job as a tennis umpire.
10. More balls than anyone I know.

Best of luck with bubs, you may need to find an indian with an extra hand with that one.
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I think that is amazing.

And to someone of the comments here, for example "They worship everything weird in India." You are completely wrong and uneducated.

The baby looks like a GOD that they follow. That is why they think the baby is a reincarnation of a God. It isn't weird, they just follow what they believe in. Get educated.
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I say we nuke all of those wierd bastards on that side of the world all the chemicals they bomb on theirselves is creating monsters like this one who knows whats next five headed osama bin laden or some shit wipe em off the earth!!!
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