21 Accents

Amy Walker, 25, introduces herself 21 times in English, each time spoken with a different distinct accent. They all sounded pretty good to me, except, perhaps, the Brooklyn accent. What do our readers in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Prague, Moscow, Paris, Texas, California, Seattle, Toronto or ??? think? Which one do you think is her real accent? LiveLeak.

Update: Her hometown has been identified. I won't spoil it here - if you're interested, it's in this post's comments below.

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I thought it was quite entertaining.

I thought they all sounded good, though i'm not one of the know-it-alls who seem to know what every accent is "Suppost" to sound like perfectly. Amazing I didn't realize it was possible to be born and /or live long enough in all those countries to know exactly the perfect accent for each one. -rolls eyes-

And of course accents are going to sound slightly different to different people, and a foreigner is most likely going to make it sound a little harsher because they aren't used to it.
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I grew up in Toronto, and her accent wasn't like anything I know from there... the city is far too mulicultural for a labeled accent. However, I have spent a bit of time in Northern Ontario and its a bit closer to what I hear there....

At any rate, her accents are impressive if a little stereotypical.
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I went to swat you all down for taking offense from her (entirely sensibly, use your brains) stereotyped rendition of your respective accents, but then discovered I am jaded by sharing a local accent with her! But then again, I had an english accent as a child and many family members with different German accents, all of which she nailed, so poo on you jerks! :D Ms. Walker, that was fabulous!
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Eh, i suppose they're stereotyped on purpose and the Irish accents could have been worse (Heroes season 2 anyone?) but they were pretty bad! Congrats for actually attempting a Dublin scanger accent though, it's a toughie!
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