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I could deal with $4 but it is almost $5 where I live.

However I'm glad to hear less people are dying. More people need to slow down anyway. I'm a stupid 20 year old but I only go around 65 my self

also Capella, that is a horrible thing to say. Losing a job is incomparable to losing a life.
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I've actually done that before myself. It's better than giving them money they may or may not spend on food.

I never thought of putting it on top of trash cans though, they are usually hanging around so I just give it to them.
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I am not sure how much I believe that statistic. Perhaps there is some other differences in people that have kid and those who don't.

How could you possibly isolate all the variables in that?

I will say that kids are a huge responsibility. People have the wrong impression on raising children, so perhaps they are disappointed and depressed to see the reality.

I can say that I know many people with children who are extremely happy. The key is to have a bit of a sense of humor about it all.

I can't speak from experience but I'm been told that several times.

Also no matter how many statistics I see like this, it doesn't make me not want kids anymore, it just makes me want to post pone it as long as possible :P
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