Boy Died of Secondary Drowning (or Dry Drowning) an Hour After He Left Pool

Johnny Jackson went swimming for the first, and sadly the last, time. The 10-year-old boy drowned ... about an hour after he left the pool. Here's something every parent should know: the strange case of secondary drowning (also called dry drowning).

"I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, other than him taking a little bit of water in and coughing and then calming down."

Jackson estimated that Johnny had been in the pool for 45 minutes and had been wearing floatation devices on each arm, in addition to being monitored by an adult in the pool, as well as herself and a friend watching from pool chairs nearby.

But less than two hours after getting out of the pool, Johnny had defecated in his pants twice and was complaining of being tired.

After being bathed and dressing himself, Johnny walked to his bed unaided, leading his mother to believe that he was simply tired from playing in the water. But shortly after leaving him to nap, Jackson discovered her son unconscious and his face covered in a foam-like substance.


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Damn, is that possible!!. I must say, this is a heartbreaking event. It`s so tragic, that i cannot express myself.
So, get a grip on yourself guy`s, i`am talking to the folk`s, who think they`r comedians. Grow up, show some respect to life in general.

I myself, had some racist tendencies before.
When i was 13-15years. And i`m so ashamed of it.

a true sign of ignorance : people who fear the unknown, people who get skeptic at something unfamiliar
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what's up with the foam-like substance? i 've read several articles about this, but haven't seen any explantion.

what's truly frightening for parents is that the signs can be so easy to misread: extreme exhaustion, behavioral changes...sounds like that could describe a typical little kid after a full day of swimming to me.
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