Not-So-Thrifty Gas

LAist featured photographer Marshall Astor took this photo of a not-so-thrifty gas (4.76 for unleaded plus!) at a "Thrifty" gas station in San Pedro, near Los Angeles harbor:

This gas station's prices have gone nuts, but every time I drive by, there's some moron at the pump getting gouged.

For reference, I paid $4.01 at a nearby station last week, and most other nearby stations are in the low $4.10-20 range.

I'm expecting this pump to hit $5.00 soon. I have no idea what's going on at this place.

Link to Marshall's photo - via LAist

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Doesn't anyone remember in the mid 90s when the Clinton Administration said that Gas would be in the $5.00 per gallon range by 2010? (Note, I am not blaming Clinton for this, that would be silly) I do. Everyone laughed and said NO WAY..

Having said that, I wonder how they knew.

Of course the famous bumper stickers I've seen lately put direct blame on Bush. When I see those the only thing it says to me is, the person who put that on his or her bumper are pretty dense as to how the system works.
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I too am in England where according to the post from 'me' it's $8.83 a gallon, you Americans are going to have to get used to it, and think about driving economical cars, any vehical that does less than 35 miles to the gallon is inexcusable, it's pretty easy to get cars than do 50+ mpg, changing your car could in affect half the price of fuel, and help the environment too.
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The best part is that the two cars in the photo are a truck and an SUV...

@ sofar: I doubt there is an "attendant," per se, probably a clerk inside the mini mart.
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you guys have it so good.

here in london regular unleaded goes for 1.18 GBP per LITER at some stations. that's 4.47 GBP per gallon, which currently translates to 8.83 US dollars. this of course is before you drive into town and pay another 8 GBP congestion charge.

so stop whining. it's gonna get worse anyway.
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