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i'm definitely a geek and i definitely like poutine...but that could also be because i'm canadian and we all like poutine...are we a geek country or something?
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from 3 years as a locksmith I can tell you that your chances are much better with the keys themselves...of which there are a much more limited amount of possibilities and more importantly, tolerances are sloppy.

Still, with modern transponder technology you still won't get the car started.
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the quality of cameras in general has improved so much in the past few decades and yet we still don't have a single sharp paranormal strange!
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I don't think money or overpopulation are really issues question is: is it really possible to give each of their 18 children all the personal attention they require/deserve? I just don't see how they could be there for the emotional and guidance needs of 18+ children.
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Very talented people, I'm sure...but sometimes it feels like people just make up stupid new "sports" because there's too much competition in other ones. This belongs in a circus or at a busker festival.
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Neat picture, and neat behavior but sawfly larvae are not caterpillars...they're not even closely related...they just happen to look similar.
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also from ottawa and i had no idea they were rare. They eat out of my garbage can daily.

Not a huge fan of them though, they look kind of rat-like.
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no fine line here...
When it involves altering somebody else's property in a permanent way I really can't see it not being considered vandalism.

That being said, I don't think art and vandalism are mutually exclusive.
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if you aren't "with it" when it comes to comic books you are like me and you probably won't know who many of the main characters are, which kind of sucks. Still I read the first one and liked it.
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