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I'd get a motorcycle helmet, and duct tape wicked knives onto my hands. I probably wouldn't last 2 minutes against the horde, but I'll be the most badass zombie ever...KNIFE HAND ZOMBIE!!!

P.S. me at the last zombie walk
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I used to have a heated mouse and it was pretty great but eventually it started causing "unrecognizable device" errors and it made me rethink whether or not it was really a good idea to plug a very cheaply made device with a relatively high power draw into a computer which contains priceless data (and pricey components).
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Ideally I'd rather see them invest 25 billion into a new company with fresh might fail, but I think the american car makers are dying no matter what.

I looked through gm's myth site and they really seem focused on cars that are in a mid to high budget range. I think the majority of people are looking for smaller and cheaper cars these days and GM's only entry (the Aveo) is just a rebranded korean car.
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As a locksmith I used to make keys from photocopies or pictures fairly often. The spacing between cuts is a given, and there are only a handful of different possible cut depths (between 3 and 6 for cars and between 7 and 9 for houses).
The fact of the matter is that if you are buying a cheap lock and expecting it to protect you adequately, you're wrong.
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same thing here, I remember the buckets (there were always little bugs floating in them...PROTEIN!), I know they use the tubes (connected to a pump) around here now but I've never seen bags like that.
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I spent 2000 dollars trying to save a cat a few months ago and it died anyways and i'd do it again without hesitation...but in this case it sounds like the cat went through a potentially dangerous surgery. I wouldn't risk a cats life over something trivial like its ability to meow.
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The depictions of [Mickey Mouse] in Tom and Jerry?
I'm tempted to believe Adam here because I'd hate to believe anybody would be stupid enough to confuse Mickey Mouse with Tom (or Jerry, I don't remember who's who)...
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