Can my remote unlock other cars?

Anyone with a remote car lock has wondered at one time or another whether the signal is really one-of-a-kind. What are the chances that your keyless entry could unlock someone else's car? It turns out the odds are pretty slim.
Modern remote keyless entry systems are pretty secure, but there is a slight chance Jason could open another Camry if he wants to walk up to one and press the unlock button on his remote (assuming it uses a 40-bit code) one trillion, ninety-nine billion, five hundred eleven million, six hundred twenty-seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy-six times, running through all the possible codes his remote could transmit until one works (assuming he can hit the button once every second without taking any breaks, he’ll need just shy of 34,842 years to do so).

Mental_floss explains how the coded radio signals work on a keyless entry and why the odds of unlocking another car are so small. Link

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My problem is that my car remote also unlocks my neighbors car, they are both the same make but different models and 3 years apart in ages. The strange think is that it has just started to happen after about 4 1/2 years. Now when I go out and unlock my car – car unlocks and I drive away leaving my neighbours car unlocked it does lock it self after few minutes but it is not very comforting it only happens with my remote the neighbours car remote does not unlock mine – does any one have any ideas of a fix or is it a garage job – it is a pain – thanks
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My 2005 honda fob made the late model chevy next to me in a parking lot beep and the lights work weakly. Do not know if i was unlocking the doors. did it many times and showed my wife.
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