Felony Franks

Jim Andrews of Chicago is on a mission to open a chain of hot dog stands and hire ex-convicts to give them a new start in life. That's a noble aim, but some neighbors object to the name he chose for the business. Felony Franks uses a hot dog behind bars as its logo.
2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti likes the idea of employing ex-felons but hates the name.

He thinks the name and the sign glorify crime.

"Felony Franks? The home of the misdemeanor wiener? Food so good it's criminal? You are actually in a sense elevating the life of crime here in our city and we cannot tolerate that."

John Hunt, an ex-felon who lives several block away, agrees with the alderman.

"It's a good thing if he's going to hire ex-felons because... that's a beautiful thing. But the name? He should change the name... Felony Franks is still making me feel like a felon."

Andrews plans to open his first stand next month. Link -via Unique Daily

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I stopped in for a Felony Frank and Freedom Fries and completely embrace the spirit of humanity, upward mobility, community support and societal contributions that The Rescue Foundation (it's on the back of the menu) has put together. How do I sign up for a franchise?
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Geez, what a myriad of responses. The bottom line is, people are too damned sensitive about everything these days! I think the Felony Franks name and purpose is great--it lightens things up a bit too. BUT, it doesn't condone crime and it doesn't attempt to offend anyone! Good God, it's a wonder we even get through every day--try putting a little humor in your life while your ordering the "misdemeanor wiener" with everything! Meanwhile, there are those working there who are ready to get back to becoming viable people in society. I think FF is a great way to go.

More Power To Mr. Andrews... Where do I sign up to get MY franchise?
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Is anyone aware of the fact that Mr. Andrews does not do background checks on his employees and takes them at their word for why they are an ex-felon? This means that he could have pedaphiles working at his establishment, which is located right behind Crane High School.
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I think it's a clever marketing promotion, personally. We have a franchise here in Maryland called Cluck U. Chicken and people don't make a stink about "if you replaced the 'Cl' with an 'F' it'd be a dirty word."

Props to the founder of the place if it draws business and is successful.
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