Meet the Black Squirrel

You have probably seen the grey, no doubt you have heard of or read about the red.  But have you ever heard of a black squirriel?  The subgroup is on the rise.  If an animal was a meme, this would probably be it.  A real one, that is. The Black Squirrel, coming to a back garden near you soon(ish).... and it may have dandruff.

This is the black squirrel. Out of the squirrel population of the United States and Canada perhaps only one in ten thousand is black. However, this is not a separate species in itself. It is in fact a sub-group of the grey squirrel and, little by little their numbers are growing. In fact in some areas they outnumber the greys. However, this black coloring is not a recent trend among the squirrel community - research indicates that in the days before the European settlement of the America the black squirrel was probably much more numerous than the grey.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by taliesyn30.

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I've lived in both Vancouver and Toronto and found the black squirrel to be way more common than the gray one in both urban areas. Now I live just outside Vancouver in the rural countryside, I see more gray ones than black ones. My cat catches the smaller red ones.
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I moved to Lincoln, NE last July and saw my first and only black squirrel. In Madison, WI, there were none. What is their favorite food? I'd like to have him stay around.
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vonskippy, you beat me to it.

The first and only time I saw a black squirrel was on the UBC campus in Vancouver. I posted a pic to my smugmug page and (sort of) jokingly referred to him as an "African-Canadian" squirrel.
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Have lots of grey squirrels (actually more brownish red, but I don't assign the names) here in San Antonio, but I recently noticed a couple of black ones close by. They also seem to be larger than the greys. Unfortunately one I've kept my eye on ended up as road kill a week ago, so I don't have him to look out for!
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fact,do you know their is another type of squirrels, that also exsit in the good U S of A and that is the reddish brown squirrel.The main rereason,is when one species split off of one another.Mutation and enviormental factors,can also play a big role.I,m Beakman and now I,m lost.
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