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Thieving Squirrel Takes Christmas Treats

Michele Boudreaux set out a box of treats for deli...  ...ristmas season. The local wildlife noticed, and a squirrel decided the box was fair game. Boudreaux tells th...  ...r game. Boudreaux tells the story of the thieving squirrel at her blog.On Monday, I put out this year’...
A Squirrel's Big Moment

The highlight of the Kent State-Louisville game Sa...  ...was when an unauthorized player took the field. A squirrel caught the attention of the broadcast team, and t... Louisville trounced Kent State 42-3, so the squirrel
Squirrel Ruins 82,000 Liters of Milk

Burnaby, British Columbia was the locale for one o...  ...ies in which a small action becomes a big mess. A squirrel chewed through a wire on an (electric company) BC...  ...uction disposing of and cleaning up the milk. The squirrel is still at large.-via Atlas Obscura
Squirrel Gets Ice Cream Every Day

Putter the squirrel is lucky enough to live near Fantasy Isle Ice Cre...  .... So shop owner Scott Martin now gives her a tiny squirrel -sized cone every day.[
World's First Bridge Built Only for Squirrels

Image: Avi/Wikipedia We passe...  ...y Narrows Bridge," a bridge built solely for squirrels . In 1963, resident Amos Peters decided tha...  ...dent Amos Peters decided that there were too many squirrels flattened by cars when running across the street... he built a mini-suspension...
Squirrel Attacks Burglar

Adam Pearl of Meridian, Idaho, came home to find e...  ...otprints in the snow, missing items, etc. His pet squirrel Joey was okay, though. As events unfolded, it tur...  ...L-gnXw8] (YouTube link)He should get a "Beware of Squirrel
Squirrel Wanted For Stealing 150 Christmas Lights

Margaret Rican of Seattle is having a hard time th..., as her Christmas lights keep disappearing. A squirrel has been making off with the bulbs one by one. Th...  ...uo;This kind of behavior is reported each year as squirrels see the bulbs as similar to an acorn or fruit,&rd...  ...wski, a University of...
The War on Squirrels

During World War I, rations were doled out careful...  ...lifornia was being consumed voraciously by ground squirrels . School children were urged to aid the war effort...  ...war effort and wage a war of their own by killing squirrels during a 1918 promotion called " Squirrel W...
Epic Squirrel is Epic

The picture of this epic squirrel has been spreading around the internet for a whil...'s no wonder that the results were amazing.That squirrel probably never thought twice about his intense po...
A Squirrel’s Eye View

Have you ever wondered what a squirrel sees as he is running through the trees? Here ya...  ...he is running through the trees? Here ya go! This squirrel picked up a GoPro camera and took off with it, wi...  ...29VQ] (YouTube link)What’s even better, the squirrel eventuall...

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