Poutine: The Ultimate Geek Food?

What? You think that pizza is the ultimate geek food? You're SO wrong, according to Geeks Are Sexy (and with a name like that, they'd better know what they're talkin' bout!):

The poutine (poo-teen) is a very versatile dish that can be served as a side dish to hot dogs and hamburgers, or can be eaten as a main dish. It is also a very popular choice to set your stomach right after a night of heavy drinking.

Never had 'em? Curious as to why so many people love poutine? Here's how to make it: Link

Well, ultimate geek food for Quebecois anyhow. What's your ultimate geek food?

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I'm from Quebec. It MUST be cheese curds. So fresh that they squeak when you bit on them. NEVER shredded cheese!!! I now live in Kansas City & crave poutine!!! When I visit home I usually have poutine 4-5 times. I loved it before I was a geek.
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I cannot eat this while reading comic books or playing WoW

Fries with gravy yum but not a geek food. It does get some geek points for inclusion of cheese curds but geek cheese should come in either neon orange powder form or be squirted from a can.
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In Aus, we have a better ( ;) ) variation. We call it the "AB" which is much nicer than calling it by its origional name "The After Birth" or "Abortion", given the affectionate title beacuse of what it looks like when served. (appetising!)

It's essentially chips with your favourite Yiros/Kebab topping. For those who don't know, that means shavings of either Lamb or Chicken, with garlic/aoli sauce, tomato sauce and BBQ sauce...
But being that I'm always drunk when I eat it, I can not recall if there is anything else on it, but it is the best cure for a hangover before it has even started.

Having said this, I never recommend eating an AB sober. Ever. It is horrible. But you're in heaven when your drunk, it's a phenomenon within itself. Enjoy if you dare.
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