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I have never seen these plastic bags for collecting the syrup, that's just bizarre. Here in Quebec, in the old days they used to use stainless steel buckets. Now most use plastic tubing directly from the trees to a large container to simplify collection of the syrup.

That other stuff shouldn't even be mentionned in the same breath as maple syrup.
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I suspect that it will just encourage readers like "A Noun" to target cyclists more than they already do. My motto when riding (everyday 20km both ways) is to lay low, avoid behaviour like he seems to think is endemic (yes there are bad cyclists, same as there are bad drivers) and "smile and wave". Works wonders in my relationship with psychopathic drivers like "A Noun".
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Jimbo, don't forget that the repugliicans also claimed to be a party intent on reducing spending by government, but also go out of their way to increase government spending vastly. No lie that.

Oh, and it's really quite simple whether you call it global warming, or climate change, it all leads to the same result when mankind pumps billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere: a global increase in temperature. This is true regardless of whether the temperature has gone up or down in your redneck of the woods.
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No question about this. How many times does one cringe in embarrassment for something stupid that one did 20 years earlier? I can tell you that it happens to me occasionally (llike right now, ouch ... ouch).

Physical pain is not remembered.
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Yeah more photos would have been cool.

BTW, it's actually Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I grew up there and built some pretty impressive tree houses myself, one that was three stories high, built out of pilfered construction rubbish from a subdivision being built there in the late 60s.
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damn that is one cute kid. Unfortunately I can't bring myself to spend 25 bucks for a t-shirt from a US company because by the time I pay duty, taxes, shipping and all that crap my t-shirt ends up costing me 40 bucks, which is kind of dumb when you think about it.

Damn cute that Zach kid though.
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