Teenage Boy Taunted for Wearing Eye Make-Up

Seventeen-year-old Orangeville, Ontario, Canada high school senior Sean Waring is fearful for his safety. So much so that he has taken different routes home every day so his followers won't know where he lives.

Why? He said he's singled out because of the eye make-up he wears:

“I’m not going to stop because of this; it’s just something that’s not going to happen,” Waring says of wearing eye make-up, which he acknowledges is “kind of unusual.”
“I would say there’s only two guys in town that actually wear make-up.”

The high school senior has been expressing himself through eye make-up for about nine months now. He says he was inspired to don a design on his face by the Jrock music movement in Japan, which he describes as a combination of emo and metal.
“It’s all about emotions and what’s going on ... but they express it through a visual way,” he says.

“Commonly, when I go to school and stuff, everyone listens to the same kind of thing — Metallica and all that. I’m just not into that whole hatred kind of thing. When you listen to Jrock ... it’s more exploiting the good side of someone.”

Dirty looks, snide comments and threats are commonplace for Waring, who notes they come from a range of age groups. He says he’s even been told by a local business to either wash his face or get out. Of course, he left.

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I think that people should not be so quick to judge people based on what they look like. They could be missing out on a really good friend if they actually get to know someone for who they are on the inside. Sean is a great person with feelings just like the next person. He is very sincere in everything he does and treats people with nothing but respect, I know this first hand because he spends a lot of time at my place hanging out. So maybe instead of thinking that all kids that dress different, guys that were make-up, nail polish or whatever they want to do to make themselves an individual look at them like a person with feelings and try to get to know them. Think about their feelings, what would you do if this was your child, relative or one of your children's friends. They have rights too, they shouldn't have to always be looking over their shoulders.
Stop teaching your kids to discriminate against others!!! STOP thinking that all kids that wear black or kids that are different are EMO that is not the case, they are ONLY expressing themselves and for the odd kid that might be EMO instead of giving them a hard time and talking crap about them behind their backs, be a friend and help them..............
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It just doesn't make sence why I'm on this site for people to meat there opioins of me in such a disrspectful way wmhat the nerv really grow up you only live once don't make it a goal to be a dick to others.
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It just doesn't make senmce why I'm on this site for people to meat there opioins of me in such a disrspectful way wmhat the nerv really grow up you only live once don't make it a goal to be a dick to others.
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An it's not emven school it's walking home having glass bottles thatown at me from cars an getting jumped a was once jumped while with a friend an girlfriend an I was scared for my girlfriend I don't want her hurt. I would aslo have people follow me home like I'm not aloud to walk at night alone anymore because of that an personaly I really don't care for attention but when someone want to harm me or friend one even faimly i'm going to do something an for all u people thing I'm doing it for attention. Why don't you keep he thoughts too ummr self an stop venting on someone who's try to help an warn others.
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Hey I am the person from the paper an it was in the paper because I am the only guy at the time thta wore make up in orangeville. Now I was beaten kicked out of places treated ways people shouldn't an I do work I actualy have 2 jobs thank you an I'm not looking for attention I wear it because it honestly just
Makes me happy
An I'm willing do get beaten mind
An body too be happy I'm not Emo or a metal head or goth I'm me another thing I didn't want to be in the paper I did it for my mother because she was scared for me an I was looked as a hero for slot of kids because parents these days raise kids to be a clone an not be able to be them self around friends an family. Now for all u people think u know me u don't like I said don't judge a book by it's cover maybe some of u should stop worrieing so much about me u deal with it own things but I'm proud of what I did I was asked to speak for a elementry schoobecause they thought of me as a hero standing up. Now u tell me wouldn't u do it if it helped that many people be them self for once an not be scared or giving them a real hero or makeing a family member happy?
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