Speed Vest

Brady Clark and Mykle Hansen created a vest that lets bicycle riders show off how fast they're pedaling:

How does the vest work?
In a nutshell, it uses a sensor on your wheel to send a signal to a microcontroller that then turns the numbers on and off on the vest.

Why did you invent this?
Have you ever outpaced cars and been honked at? Had a car almost wipe you out while making a turn? The Speed Vest was invented because we were curious to know if putting more information in front of drivers might change their awareness of bicyclists. That, and we suspect a lot of people don’t realize that an average person can bike 10-15 mph (15-25 km/h).

Link (with a video clip of the vest in action)

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I know what you mean. Most of the worst drivers that I see are women, usually on cell phones. Although one recently was driving with a yellow Labrador on her lap.

Before anyone gets mad at me for being sexist, know that I am a woman.

Oh yeah, and when I used to ride my bicycle, I was one of the courteous riders who also used hand signals.
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Forget showing off your speed, which is idiotic.

I was almost in 3 collisions my last time biking home from work.

All three occasions were women.
Two were on their cell phones.

I'm not drawing any conclusions, just presenting the facts.

(with a jovial grain of salt)
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I don't mind sharing the road with cyclists, but when they impede traffic instead of flow with it, I can't feel that much sympathy towards them.
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