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Lindbergh was a nasty piece of work too. And a proponent of eugenics, among other things, with the French Dr Alexis Carrel. This is a good read, concerning their relationship,
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You gotta be kidding, this guy was part of the problem. I won't say that I'm glad that he died, because that would be incredibly crass but to say that this man was a good interviewer or journalist is bull.
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Oh yeah, imagine if *you* were related to some blood-thirsty psychopath, like you almost certainly all are. I mean, you're here, you lived, which means you are all related to killers and psychopaths, otherwise you'd be dead, or rather, unborn. These people are just a little more closely related to a very well known psychopath or sociopath.
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The Drudge Report? Does anyone, other than Michelle Malkin and that ugly blonde in the cocktail dress who looks like she's been doing lines all night at studio 54 but whose name escapes me at the moment, still read that tripe?

I thought everyone was reading Perez Hilton now instead.
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