Neatorama = Distraction Virus

The Internet is an incredible productivity tool, according to Mike Elgan of InternetNews. It's filled with unprecedented information and communication, not to mention wonderful productivity blogs like Lifehacker, 43 Folders, Web Worker Daily, and so on.

Then there's the likes of Neatorama:

And then along comes YouTube, the agent of our destruction. And FaceBook. And BoingBoing. And Slashdot. And Digg. And Fark, the Drudge Report, Neatorama, Apple's Movie Trailers page, eBay, Flickr -- (I get paid by the word, so I'll just keep going) --, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Google, for crying out loud. [...]

Whenever we've got something boring, unappealing or difficult to do, we know that passive, easy, fun, interesting and compelling content is just a click away.

The Internet is an incredible productivity tool that offers unprecedented access to information and communication with others. But it's also distracting. Really distracting. More alarmingly, it's getting increasingly distracting every day.

Here's an article by Mike Elgan about how to deal with "the distraction virus" that is Teh Interweb: Link

(There's no cure for Neatorama though, mwuahahahaha!)

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The Drudge Report? Does anyone, other than Michelle Malkin and that ugly blonde in the cocktail dress who looks like she's been doing lines all night at studio 54 but whose name escapes me at the moment, still read that tripe?

I thought everyone was reading Perez Hilton now instead.
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