If Chuck Norris Were Elected Vice President ...

Chuck Norris once wrote a column If I am elected president, in which he listed things he will do in the Oval Office. Well, it seems that he won't get that chance to be president, but the race on vice presidency is still wide open ... so here are the things Chuck Norris would do if he's elected Vice President:

It really doesn't matter whose presidential ticket I ride on as vice president, since America will be a Chucktatorship when I step into office. If I am elected vice president, I promise to unilaterally fulfill these pledges within my first 30 days in office:

If I win on McCain's ticket, consider the Middle East wars over. Our enemies are toast.

If I win on Hillary's ticket, I promise you that Bill will stay out of the Oval Office and on his Total Gym. If he argues with me, I will put him on latrine duty throughout the whole White House.

If I win on Obama's ticket, I will appoint Barack as co-editor with Oprah for my new political magazine, "Uh-O!"

http://wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=64641 - via Conservative Grapevine (Photo: Cpl. Lynn Murillo [wikipedia])

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I was gonna snark about how Chuck Norris and his "meat meat sports beer" approach to everything is played out, but damn did other commenters get to it first. :D
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chuck norris has jumped the shark. officially. with the original post on the main page.

His movies were b-rated (except when he was not the main character, such as Bruce Lee), his politics are beyond absurd and cannot stand against even slight scrutiny....He isn't even a conservative ffs! Everything he stands for is to expand government and intrude into our lives.

...so why do we continue glorifying him, even out of mockery?

There should be an anti-Chuck movement.

The only reason he is popular today is because Huckabee gave him credibility. And we should take that platform away from him.
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