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A couple of months ago, I posted a “suggestion box” here on Neatorama and hinted that a new project was in the works. I didn’t want to explain what the new project was, since I didn’t know if it would happen, or how long it would take. That project is a video series, a collaboration between Neatorama and Dayrobber, a site where you can see video reports from all kinds of websites. This pilot episode is an experimental prototype. If you think this is an idea worth pursuing, please let us know what kind of subject matter you’d like to see in The Neatorama Show.

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Wonderful to finally "meet" you, Miss C! The accent rocks and my cat was asleep on the dinner table last night, so there.

I like the idea of the show (the Neatcast, of course, good name there, Marcelo) being a best of for the previous week's Neatorama postings and suggestions, or however often you want to do the shows. Maybe choose some of the links people send in and highlight them on air instead of posting them on the regular site. And more weird-ass recipes, for sure. Why on earth would people want to drink raisins?

Finally, if you ever find yourself in need of "Sesame Street" or general Muppet advice, then I'm your gal :-) Looking forward to the next show!
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Hey Miss C!

It's been a while and I just stumbled upon Neatorama and here you are looking great on a video! I will bookmark so I can see what I've been missing (I remember telling you years ago you'd be a famous blogger someday, I'd like to go on the record with that and say, I was right!)
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Very cute, I love the southern accent! I was going to suggest marinating the raisins also, I wonder if you could soak them in the chocolate sauce, or kahlua, but I guess that wouldn't be very raisin-ey, would it. Please keep making your mini-movies.
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I agree that freezing might be a smart move. Also, I think more volume so they can't bounce as far from the blades. I'm not sure about the alcohol and milk mixture, but chocolate and raisins are a good bet.

Looking forward to your next video. And maybe at some point you can revisit this subject with some of the above suggestions.
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