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Maybe they should have used likenesses of all our government officials. One then no one could comment on the game playing favorites And 2 maybe the officials would get he point that this country needs a completely new government.
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Thats something I've never understood about bee anatomy & evolution. Bees are considered the good guys unlike wasps & hornets. But bees basically kill themselves when the sting you in self defense. But wasp & hornets will sting you just because you happen to be in the area. And they can live to sting you over and over again. Just not fair.
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I'm going to assume the Fedex person was just in a joking mood. Since the author would have had to have the publishing companies actual address on the package too!
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Funny this article is about un-truths about the demise of the American Indian and they show a picture of the crying Indian. Turns out the guy who plays this Indian was a Sicilian immigrant not American Indian.
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Just did a quick look at zoning regs.
The lowest single family zoning requires a minimum of 2 acre lot. Mobile home parks are allowed but the regulations are so strict that unless you have one grandfathered in it isn't going to happen. Multifamily requires minimum of 2500 sq ft building per dwelling unit. Thats a nice sized house.
So in other words there isn't going to be what most of us consider low income housing going on this property. Now the people that live in the area probably consider anything under a house that sells for couple of million $ low income but i don't.
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By the way the article says affordable housing not low income housing. In an area where the land alone probably cost 10 k or more an acre, what they consider affordable housing there is still going to be well out of the average persons price range.
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Doesn't Marian have a planning & zoning department? Assuming the the neighbors stopped his studio expansion because he couldn't get the land rezoned from residential to commercial. Chances are its zoned as a particular type of residential. Certain square footage buildings on certain square footage lots. So they aren't going to be able to put low income housing next to a millionaires house even if they want too. Unless of course the developer wants to provide a huge lot & building for under what it cost him to build it.
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Do this car have to have proof of insurance like every other driver I know of does? When this thing is involved in an accident and lets face it sooner or latter it will be in one. Who is responsible? Google Inc?? How do you get the required driver info for your insurance company a car with no driver?
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Back when I was young and stupid. I did this sort of thing with the whole bike racing team every once in a while. We mostly did it to freak people out seeing a line of 6-8 bikes go flying by you on the highway has a tendency to make them look. You can even draft cars. Which is a little safer since you can see whats ahead of the car.
Chances are the truck driver didn't even know the guy was behind him. They can't see most cars behind them let alone a bike rider.
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