George Lucas Strikes Back ... with Low Income Housing

For 25 years, George Lucas tried to develop a portion of his 6,100-acre property in the posh hills of Marin into an expansion site for his movie production company. But his neighbors, fearing traffic and disruption to their neighborhood, blocked the plan.

Now, in a move worthy of a Star Wars saga, the famous filmmaker struck back with an audacious plan:

... after spending years and millions of dollars, Mr. Lucas abruptly canceled plans recently for the third, and most likely last, major expansion, citing community opposition. An emotional statement posted online said Lucasfilm would build instead in a place “that sees us as a creative asset, not as an evil empire.”

If the announcement took Marin by surprise, it was nothing compared with what came next. Mr. Lucas said he would sell the land to a developer to bring “low income housing” here.

Norimitsu Onishi of The New York Times reports: Link  (Photo: Wikipedia)

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Low income housing brings in the welfare leeches, and we all know who the majority is within that populace. This is how once praiseworthy towns have turned into gang infested and drug saturated ghettos.
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Or, you could be someone like me and my family. We work. We don't commit crimes. We try to raise our families well. We try to do our best for the community in which we live. We pay taxes. We just don't make a lot of money.

And, just in case you are wondering, Number1, I do not use welfare.
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Just more proof George Lucas is a complete asshole.

These people spend all their money(hard earned or not) so they can live out in the Californian country, then this jerk comes along and tries to build a gaudy movie studio in their back yards to pollute the world with more of his awful movies. Then when they disagree he becomes as small as he actually is and decided to use these poor poor-people to settle a grudge against his neighbors.

Seriously what good could possibly be in it for the poor. Not like there is a huge economy around the Lucas ranch where they will be able to find work.
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@An0n - totally agree. Nail on the head.
@number1guy - No, I don't know. Please, tell me who constitutes this majority of leeches within the welfare receiving population.
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