Take Care in What You Wear to the Games

Olympic sponsors are so adamant about protecting their rights that spectators wearing certain kinds of clothing may be turned away from the games.
Games boss Sebation Coe warned anyone wearing a Pepsi T-shirt is likely to be booted out because it would upset sponsors Coca-Cola.

And he only said spectators in Nike trainers “could probably” be allowed in although Adidas are also backing the event.

Coe defended the draconian move and said it was to protect corporate sponsors who have paid a fortune to be involved.

The story at the Daily Record details other measures already taken, like food vendors being told to sell their wares in clear plastic bags so there is no confusion about breaking the branding rules. Link -via reddit

(Image credit: Flickr user Andrew Tseng)

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Protect them my ass, from what, the appearance that they have competition in the real world? Guess what, that's supposed to be protected in the EU. It's not like it will affect the fact that their products are still the only thing you can buy in the venues. They may have spent millions of pounds, but they will make everything back, no doubt.

You'll have more people trying to wear Pepsi shirts now than you did before - this bad press will do more damage than just keeping their mouths shut would have.
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The sponsors may have spent fortunes, but the patrons have spent personal 'fortunes', what with travel, housing, food, etc., all at premium prices only to learn, barely a week before the Big Parade they cant' come in to see it because they aren't dressed right.

Sorry for the long sentence. Sponsors are betting on the gamble that their ads will increase their business. The IOC, by caving in to this idea - wherever it originated - are saying, "Yes, the sacred Olympics are for sale, too, just like America."
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