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But if you go to the link and read the whole article. Duncan School of Law is not accredited by the American Bar Association. The ABA has just been allowing graduates to take the bar exam as a courtesy. So unless the school has been saying they are accredited, she should have done a little research of her own and known that she technically could not take the Bar Exam even if she graduated from Duncan.

Where does the responsibility of the student and the school become the deciding factor. Is it the responsibility of the school to make the student take the required courses to graduate. Or is it just the schools responsibility to tell the student these are the classes needed. Anyone who goes to college knows that you could easily spend the rest of your life taking classes and never actually graduate with a degree.
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As far as the get a real job comment. The waiter has a REAL job. They work a hell of a lot harder than the banker does for what they earn. And if it weren't for waiters and cooks, the banker would have to cook his own meals and do his own dishes.
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I very seldom put the tip on my credit card. I prefer to pay the tip in cash. Then the server has the option of reporting how much tip they got to the tax collector. They don't make that much $ to start with so the less they have to report at tax time the better for them.
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I sure hope there is much more to this story.
Even if the father had no right to own a gun they had no right to arrest him because his kid happened to draw a picture of a gun. Does the kid drawing the picture even give probable cause for them to get a search warrant. I would hope not. My kid has an arsenal of guns he plays with. They are made by Nerf & Super Soaker. Does that give the cops probable cause to arrest me?
Why didn't the school officials just ask the parent to come to the office for a talk. If they were worried about her picture. This complete lack of common sense by school officials these days is ridiculous. I'm surprised my kid hasn't been suspended yet for mentioning we went to the shooting range over the week end at school and one of the teachers happens to be anti-gun.
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There is no way for the average human hand to span that many keys at one time. In one spot in the video 6 keys are being pressed and the span for one hand would be 13 keys. I have very long fingers and can't span that far apart. Did this composer write this specifically for this purpose?
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So this is their version of the tax stamp.But you have to admit when taken out of context it actually makes no sense. The average person walking up to the machine and seeing this has to be scratching his head going WTF.
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Or in the case of my teenagers they are just to LAZY to get a job to pay for gas, & insurance on a car. Most parents will probably be willing to pay for smart phones & cost related to them but not the cost of driving a car.
I won't pay for either one. My kids want these expensive devices they need to pay for them. I'm willing to pay for the first 6 months of car insurance after that it comes out of their pocket not mine.
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That is quite a stout and secure donation box. The ones we have around hear a 2 year old kid could break into, let alone a fire crew not being able to break into the thing.
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Notice that the ramps are ADA compliant, except they don't really go anywhere. This type of thing happens all the time in the St. Louis area. Probably happens in every city. A developer probably just built a new site from where the picture was taken. The government makes a regulation that requires a crosswalk even though there is no sidewalk on the other side of the street. So they have to build it to get their permits. The idea is that when the other side of the street gets redeveloped that the cross walk will already be in place. If the owner of the site that you see in the picture ever does any work outside requiring a permit chance are they will have to make an ADA compliant sidewalk to reach to the crosswalk.
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As far as Chiropractors being frauds. If it wasn't for a Chiropractor I probably would have had to have surgery to get my hearing back. My regular Dr suggested this when I lost my hearing in my right ear due to a pinched nerve in my neck & spine. But my dad recommended trying his Chiropractor and after a few treatments I got my hearing back. So just like any profession there are good & bad.
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I remember visiting a museum like this in St. Louis when I was a kid. Don't know if it still exist or not. I have a friend that collects some of these strange devices.
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