The Museum of Quackery and Medical Frauds

The Science Museum of Minnesota obtained the collection of the Museum of Quackery and Medical Frauds and set it up as the "Questionable Medical Device" collection.
This collection of dubious medical devices reminds us that sometimes, medicine is best left to the doctors. Exhibits on display include a phrenological machine that gauges personality by measuring the size of bumps on the head, a foot-powered breast enlarger, and glasses and soap products designed for weight-loss.

You can still have your phrenology read by the fully functional machine today, and as the machine outlines the bumps on your skull, the phrenology reader "maps" intelligence, morality, and much more. Machines such as these were all the rage at State Fairs of the early 1900s, as were other questionable medical devices. The infomercials of their time, these snake oils and pseudoscience gadgets could cure impotence, tell how smart you were, and make you live forever.

Read more about this strange museum within a museum at Atlas Obscura. Link

(Image credit: Flickr user A.M. Kuchling)

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Sorry to break it to you Scotchdrnkr, but at no point do any of the nerves (afferent or efferent) associated with hearing enter even the highest cerical vertibrae of the spine. In other words, a "pinched nerve" in the spine cannot cause a hearing impairment. The curing of hearing impairment through spinal manipulation is both biologically and medically implausible.

If you ever lose your hearing again, I suggest you get a referral to an ENT as a unilateral hearing loss is a serious medical concern and family doctors are not qualified to assess such a case.
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As far as Chiropractors being frauds. If it wasn't for a Chiropractor I probably would have had to have surgery to get my hearing back. My regular Dr suggested this when I lost my hearing in my right ear due to a pinched nerve in my neck & spine. But my dad recommended trying his Chiropractor and after a few treatments I got my hearing back. So just like any profession there are good & bad.
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I remember visiting a museum like this in St. Louis when I was a kid. Don't know if it still exist or not. I have a friend that collects some of these strange devices.
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Gall was a doctor; a physician and neuroanatomist.

"This collection of dubious medical devices reminds us that..." science, medicine and doctors can be wrong.
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