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They actually got Paid for this study. I could have told them this.
Alcohol effects the short term memory not long term.
You won't forget something that happened BEFORE you started drinking. You may forget it for a while because you are occupied by something else but this can be achieved by doing anything. As long as your brain is concentrating on something else you'll forget the problem.
You probably won't remember what happens after you've had a few. Alcohol interferes with the electrical pulses that are being sent to the brain while drinking it wont effect the ones that have already been sent. Unless you drink enough to actually destroy that part of the brain. But that takes a lot of drinking.
But sometimes you just feel like you need a drink.
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This is scary.
But the other thing that worries me is the hotel manager found a gun and Castor beans (used to make ricin)and a manifesto AFTER Homeland Security searched the place.
You would think that Homeland Security would have searched the room top to bottom and inside out. Makes you wonder if Homeland security has any idea of what they are supposed to be doing.
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Wouldn't it just be easier to put a bright light bulb in the vertical tube and paint the inside of the tube silver to reflect as much light as possible up thru the light bulb.
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I surprised he/she gets away with it. Most colleges these days are so anti alcohol that you can't even have beer on their campus grounds unless it is at an event where they get part of the profits.
Hey at least they don't have to worry about some group calling it a Racist & degrading emblem to their particular race.
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If I remember correctly the bottom number means how many feet away you are supposed to be from the chart. So if you can read the 20/20 line at 20 feet away you have 20/20 vision.
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