Make your own Weird Light Bulb

You’ve probably seen the Lamp/Lamp from designer Hironao Tsubui. It sells for ¥2,100, or about $20. But you can make your own version with a steady hand and the proper glue! -via the Presurfer

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I love that he says to use a 15W bulb because it doesn't get hot so it is safer. He then exposes two wires with live current on the outside of the bulb, making it so any sane person would stay way from it. He says dipping it in clear epoxy would be safer, but his own build doesn't have it.

I like #3's idea of putting a light in the new base, but I don't think you can get something that small that runs off line current. Maybe a carefully cut hole would let you put a candle sized bulb inside the original.
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Wouldn't it just be easier to put a bright light bulb in the vertical tube and paint the inside of the tube silver to reflect as much light as possible up thru the light bulb.
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Thats absolutely stupid!
when following these instructions, you will end up with a freely running pair of open wires carrying 220V. And you are supposed to turn the lamp on and off by connecting these by hand.
Not a good idea, if you aks me...
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