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I still see this being much better than celebrities touring the world to collect children of different ethnicities like trading cards or people having an amazing amount of kids when there are plenty to adopt. As Charles says, "man up".
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I wish to take the side that was bashed in the comments section that wasn't brought up in the article. Ahem, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH CABBUBALISM?! It is a practice that serves/served many groups for many years with no real downside.
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helimx; 'Cause they suck, heh.

Ratz; I think they are just drawing the line at electricity. They've been trading with English forever so it's not as if mass produced goods are beyond them.

What I want to know is why not bikes. Seems it would be quicker and loss prone to roller-discos. And when do they have time for hockey?! Must be very liberal.
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I see it ending much like the novel Glory Road where all those who are now "immortal" must pay a tax to keep living. Though hopefully it will end up more like the rest of Heinlein's series and we will have a Lazarus Long to help guide us.
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Couldn't it just be a Schrödinger's cat kind of thing and the fact that our lack of knowledge or indifference to parts of reality has caused an instability? Or perhaps our collective power of perception only extends so far and we have found the limit. Come on Pantheistic Multi Person Solipsism!
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Yes, we as creatures strive for attention and recognition. But the question is at what point did the desire for negative attention and a desire to be nurtured become the goal for those who seek it? And just because we seek attention doesn't make out statements, ideas, or actions important. This reply seeks your attention, but your day will not suffer from it's lack. As such, this is no matter or import. Just as the droves of people who we have never spoken to who find the game off life too hard.
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