Businessman Spends $310,000 To Clone His Beloved Dogs

Peter Onruang love for his deceased dogs , Wolfie and Bubble, seems to know no bounds.  Peter paid a South Korean biotechnology company  a whopping $310,000 to clone them.

The first clones should be available in the next 6-months.  It's very possible that he may get more than one clone of Wolfie the dog. If does he plans to name them all Wolfie.

Peter also hopes that one day he can clone himself.
"If I had an opportunity to clone myself, I'd do it right now," Onruang says. "Because it's me... I'm raising myself. I already know exactly my strengths and weaknesses. This person is gonna be the new and improved me, and would live the life I've always wanted to live."

Carolyn Costello of KTLA has more: Link

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For every two strays that didn't get saved, there are two more waiting to be authanized. Lighten up, Charles. Dude can spend his money how he wants.

The strange idea is that he seems to think he'll reincarnate the dogs. A clone will not be the same dog, simply because it has the same DNA. It may look a lot like the old dog, but you could spend a lot less money to get a similar-looking dog made the old-fashioned way.

What's scarier is the idea of creating a human and controlling its life so as not to make the same mistakes he did. Where are the ethics in that? He makes it sound like his clone would be an object rather than a unique individual. Again, a human clone would have a separate consciousness.

How disappointed would he be if his carbon copies don't measure up to his fond memories?
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