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@Ted, women have these things they use. Things men fear. Things that are not to be seen in public, especially after being used.

And I don't see this coming to fruition. They've been talking about bendable phones for a decade. Companies always come up with amazing tech ideas and then we forget about them when nothing comes from it. I'm still waiting for that LED screen that is supposed to look more like a slap bracelet.
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The rules get funky. If there are utilities in his name, he has changed the locks, and improved the site (Paint some walls, plant some flowers, simple things like that) then it becomes highly contested.
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1) I think their color commentary would be great during.... Active moments in bed.

2) BOOOOOO! Bring me a Mike bed! I'm sorry Joel, wherever you are, but I like his laid back style.
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That may be a part of the final concept, Mr. Awesome. Taking the broad spectrum of light and filtering what is needed for plants and using the excess to power. Or hell, Solar Energy, Bloom Box, and lots of poop for a home methane plant. Energy to keep lights going to grow the plants. Plants to eat to make poop. Poop to create methane and fertilizer for plants. Methane and Bloom box.... You see the cycle by now. Not that effective yet, but baby steps.
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Now I just want to live in an ad house while I work as a pizza driver in/near a metro and drive around in my ad car. Even if the economy was great I would still do it.
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It was always my understanding that teardrops had a bit more to them. If it was empty then someone close to you was killed and if it was filled in then you had gotten your revenge.
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