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If I remember correctly one of the things about the invisible man that wasn't invisible were his retinas. While it has been a long time since I have read it I believe the trial cat subject had the same problem. It was one of the several drawbacks that he had not thought through, such as digestion.
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And as far as Gladiator, I believe the is Kid Gladiator (Glad's son) and he pretty much looks like that already. Check out current issues of Wolverine and the X-Men.
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As a man with heart problems from both sides of his family and is overweight I have to say this is one step closer to needing a permit to breed. And I like it.
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I'm for it, as long as the muscle problem is solved. And as far as growing muscle in a dish, yes there is myoblast which could mean growing a full chicken breast or steak from nothing. But I worry about that for one reason. The marbling.
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Unemployed doorman... Was he between doors? Does that mean he has dedicated himself to the career of doorman, despite being currently with no door to attend? I know I'm missing the point of the story, but yeesh.
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