Cyborg Lassie

I don't know what this is. There are captions written in the Cyrillic alphabet. But it's very clear that this would have been the basis of the greatest Lassie series ever.

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Yeah, I've seen the footage and it's pretty disturbing. It's fascinating though how much success they actually had. But the footage is unclear if the reactions from the dog are true conscious thought or simply reflexes. They even got the dog head to lap water from a bowl. I think they were able to keep the beheaded dog alive for around a half hour or so by hooking it up to that machine that simulated blood flow and heart function. Sick, sick stuff to watch especially as a dog lover. All in the name of science.
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Some translation of the captions:

The first caption states "Life preservation machine in honour of Lebedev V.R."

The second one gives a general scheme of the machine, ft. a Collie dog and strange abbreviatured mechanisms.
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There is video footage of these Soviet experiments.

It is exactly what you see in the drawing so be warned before you go looking for it. Also I won't direct link.

It is one of those things that you cannot un-see.
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