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Wow such judgement comments. "Here's a project: lose weight." And "thinking she will drop dead at 40." It's almost laughable that people like you think you are perfect or something. Just by your comments I can tell you are far far from it!! It's not people like her who disgust me, it's people like you!
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I spent about a week in Yangshuo. It was winter time, so it didn't look like the photo, but it was still a neat place. None of the buildings were heated, including the hotel and restaurants. I bought some silk pajamas to wear under my other clothes at night to sleep in because it was so cold in the room.
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It's sad that all of these (except for Rupert Grint) are from another generation, when successful people took time to appreciate the fans who made their success possible.

2 years ago, I bought a Firefly book and mailed it to Joss Whedon, asking him to sign it for me. He couldn't be bothered. About 6 months later, I sent him another letter, asking him to at least return my book, signed or not, in the self-addressed stamped enveloped I'd provided. Again, he couldn't be bothered. Arrogant prick.
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Yes, the unshowered! And what's worse than an unshowered/unwashed gym clothes slob? One who has bathed in perfume/cologne in a horrifying attempt to compensate.
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I love how the woman is always in the wrong. Do this, do that, don't do such and such. "It's all for you, Damien!" oops! I mean "It's all for you, Mr Right!" Like the guy is some real prize who isn't silently farting into his chair or rearranging 'the boys' whenever he thinks he's got a private (pun intended) moment.
FYI: For anyone who's ever had to wear nylons with garters here's a clue: Those garters can snap off at the worst times. Either the woman fixes the problem asap or she will have *gasp* saggy stockings! Anyone notice Mr Creep ogling the lady who's trying her best to look nice for the guy? A gentleman would look away and pretend it never happened. Ladies? WE WILL NEVER WIN!!!
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