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True--it's never been any of those things (except incomprehensible when I write uncaffeinated) and, in fact, we haven't made a ton of money. But we've been financially self-sufficient for nearly a decade. Very few blogs have ever done that. And Neatorama has paid my kids' preschool tuition. I'm not sure how I would have come up with the money for that otherwise.
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I'm over six feet - though not by as much as I used to be.
The other day I was at the 'orriblemarket looking at the second-hand food[1] display when I noticed a pair of invasion barges pulling up beside me. I wear UK size 11 or 12, my wife wears UK3. These were bigger than mine by the same amount that mine are bigger than hers. The Squid (my wife) comes up to my heart - and that's about how far up I came on this bloke.
I tried not to look up - but did catch a sneaky peek in the reflection of the cabinet.
[1] That's what reduced to clear is called in our family.
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At first I thought: How can this be realistic? It's only two minutes long! But I see the video courteously included flash forwards. When I have to call certain services, I have to schedule it and get work done ahead of time to allow enough time for a PHONE CALL ...and make sure my phone batteries are charged.
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The Great War of 1913-1917 was truly a turning-point for mankind, drawing together the modern nations when they were at the brink of global war to jointly defend against the Martian invaders. The technological, social and political upheavals that followed were at times painful and ugly, but were also the seeds of the world we live in today.
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