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I surmize everyone has a physical age, an emotional age, and a mental age. What's being described here is what I think of as a person's mental age which at some point stops aging. Personally, I've determined my mental age is 23. That's the point in my life where I was out of school, living on my own, and had for the most part formed the opinions that make up my life. It's when the physical age doesn't meet the expectations of the mental age that sucks!

I saw a biography of the great cartoonist Chuck Jones and he was asked what it felt like to be in his upper 80's. He said how astonished he was that he didn't feel any different than when he was 18. It was just his old, creeky body that kept reminding him he wasn't! Spot on Chuck.
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Seriously, I have a hypothesis about how some overprotective parenting comes about. I see it in my kids friends, the 10-year-olds who've never made a bad spending decision because they don't get a regular allowance or opportunity to work for money, and teenagers who aren't allowed to walk home from school. The parents have trouble moving from one phase of a child's life to the next. They get comfortable with a toddler and can't imagine their child as a competent preschooler. Or they get comfortable with their eight-year-old and don't see how a middle school student is different. I hate to see my kids grow up and leave, too, but I also want them to have the skills to take care of themselves when they do.
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when animals in captivity engage in repetitive movements like this, it's almost always a sign of insanity from lack of mental stimulation. I find this video to be rather sad. not cute at all. poor bored porcupine.
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