Tips For The Single Woman Circa 1938

Having a stigma attached to being an unmarried adult is a thing of the past- nowadays people don't seem to mind if you'd rather not tie the knot, and those that do care largely keep their opinions to themselves.

The way most people feel about relationships has changed so much from the early 20th century that it’s fun to take a look back at all the antiquated theories and nonsense offered up as sound advice back in the "good old days".

Back in 1938 being a single woman meant you were constantly on the lookout for a husband, and simply dying to start a family as soon as you were out of prep school, so most Tips For Single Women were centered around attracting a man.

These helpful tips appeared in Click Photo-Parade Magazine, and thanks to their valiant efforts single women didn't have to go braless, or husbandless, for long!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Yeah, don't do anything for yourself. Just sit there and look pretty. If your clothes are chaffing you or uncomfortable, just ignore it. The most important thing is that you look like a perfect little doll.
Orient every action towards men because ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you get married. It certainly doesn't matter that someone accepts the real you or cares about your opinions.

By the way, if you really abide by these outdated concepts than you really shouldn't be voicing your opinion -especially against a man. Who wants a woman who dares argue with a male?
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I love how the woman is always in the wrong. Do this, do that, don't do such and such. "It's all for you, Damien!" oops! I mean "It's all for you, Mr Right!" Like the guy is some real prize who isn't silently farting into his chair or rearranging 'the boys' whenever he thinks he's got a private (pun intended) moment.
FYI: For anyone who's ever had to wear nylons with garters here's a clue: Those garters can snap off at the worst times. Either the woman fixes the problem asap or she will have *gasp* saggy stockings! Anyone notice Mr Creep ogling the lady who's trying her best to look nice for the guy? A gentleman would look away and pretend it never happened. Ladies? WE WILL NEVER WIN!!!
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How is (most) of this advice "antiquated theories and nonsense" as the writer so snarkily puts it? Yes, it's a product of its times but I see more manners and common sense being pitched here than anything that would be "demeaning" (however your interpretation) to women. Lemme see: Don't pick at your clothes like a kid, don't yammer nonstop, don't start talking during a dance, don't drink too much, focus the conversation on the other person. Sounds like good advice to me.
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