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Needs a few more accessories: optional grey hairs everywhere, bunions, crow's feet, a mustache, chin hairs, those bumpy bits that will form in the crease under her sagging breasts, brittle fingernails, one wonky hip or knee, a few crowns or possibly veneers, reading glasses, little pairs of formerly white undies that ceased to be white after the first "accident", oddly patterned pubic hair growth after the hysterectomy, a tiny bottle of Prilosec, dry patches for her elbows and knees and a loofah, and several prepared snarky retorts for when the TSA officer looks at her and says she doesn't really look like her driver's license photo anymore.
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Well, let's see... at the top of my list are the slobs; the ones that don't shower or wash their gym clothes, and/or sweat in puddles on the equipment and don't mop up after themselves. I'm not real wild about the loud cell phone/bluetooth yellers on the treadmills either.
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This would be more interesting to me as a consumer were I not wondering if the turgid atmosphere a few inches above the seat weren't likewise flavoring the water. Not refreshing.
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You would think Colorado would be a long way from alligators too, but we do have alligators here at the Colorado Gator Reptile Park, and facilities like that and the animal sanctuaries are always looking for donations. Surely Montana has something similar full of hungry critters. They're not picky; they'll even take chicken.
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She was further insulted by our taking our dog to CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, here in Fort Collins, where we receive excellent service. I've learned from this experience, that just because one has a vet degree, does make him/her a cost effective diagnostician.
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The last compartment in the back of the silverware caddy is also a good place to put your scrubber sponge for cleaning. The sponges can get really smelly and the chemicals in dishwashing liquid are strong. I find running the sponge through the dishwasher every other cycle lengthens the life of the sponge and leaves me less worried I'm just adding germiness to my dishes rather than cleaning them away.
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