"Lammily" Doll Comes With Stretchmarks, Cellulite, Scar and Acne Stickers

Approximated figure proportions of Barbie (l), and Lammily, (r)

Traditional Barbie dolls have been under attack for years regarding what people deem their unrealistically tiny waistline and figure. Digital artist and designer Nickolay Lamm took advantage of the public criticism and created a “normal" Barbie alternative that he named "Lammily." His doll, according to him, has realistic body proportions for a 19-year-old girl. For $6.00 above the $25.00 price of the doll, a sticker kit called "Lammily marks" is available, which makes it possible for the user to apply cellulite, tattoos, warts, acne, stretchmarks, freckles, scars, bruises and other skin variances.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Lamm said of his doll line that he 

"Wanted to show that average is beautiful and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards. And I feel Barbie kind of symbolizes that.

Watch the video below for more of that conversation, and to see second graders being introduced to Lammily. To learn more about the doll, visit lammily.com and nickolaylamm.com

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I guess I haven't made up my mind about Lammily's sticker kit. Is it wrong for me to hope for a 19-year-old doll sans cellulite and stretch marks? (Well, I suppose the stickers don't have to be ordered/all applied.) Also, if your goal is to model the doll after an "average" 19-year-old, how about giving her an average name, instead of naming her after yourself, the entrepreneur? Am I being too picky here? Let me know what you think in the comments.  

Via Bored Panda | Images: lammily.com 

Lammily with cellulite sticker applied

Lammily with stretch marks
Lammily, afflicted with acne

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Needs a few more accessories: optional grey hairs everywhere, bunions, crow's feet, a mustache, chin hairs, those bumpy bits that will form in the crease under her sagging breasts, brittle fingernails, one wonky hip or knee, a few crowns or possibly veneers, reading glasses, little pairs of formerly white undies that ceased to be white after the first "accident", oddly patterned pubic hair growth after the hysterectomy, a tiny bottle of Prilosec, dry patches for her elbows and knees and a loofah, and several prepared snarky retorts for when the TSA officer looks at her and says she doesn't really look like her driver's license photo anymore.
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There is the video and the link showing the doll, I used the photo as a frame of reference for Lammily's altered, more generous figure proportions. I've added that to the caption. Those were my immediate reactions to the stickers, and they aren't strongly held. Overall, I think it's great to have a realistic doll that represents average, healthy body proportions and I'm all for it and I hope it sells well. I do have to say that I disagree on the name --I think the name is weird and they missed an opportunity to have a better, possibly even meaningful (or at least cooler) name. Just my opinion on that detail. If I had named it, I would not name it the Marcily.
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