How Little Girls See Barbie

People worry that Barbie dolls with their unreal figures present an unattainable ideal for a woman’s appearance, which can be stifling to a young girls’s ego. But the kids who really play with Barbies are typically between 3 and 7 years old. I can totally relate to this. Relatives would buy my daughters Barbies left and right, and my kids would cut their hair, paint them, draw tattoos on them, amputate a few limbs, and they even made one into a male because they didn’t have enough Ken dolls. This story is from John McNamee at Pie Comic.

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Have never been a fan of Barbies, but when my daughters were small, it was unavoidable that at some point they would get them as presents from friends or relatives so they did have a couple. One of my favorite memories of their childhood was when I walked into their room where they were playing and looked down and saw a barbie with no head laying on the floor. Readying in my head a lecture about taking care of their toys, I pointed at it and asked "What is this?" - Without missing a beat, my daughter answered "Oh, that's Zombie Barbie" I still laugh about it.
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I bought the very first edition of Barbie when it came out. It cost me 2 dollars! Man, I had to save my money for that doll! She had a black and white cruddy stretchy bathing suit that even I knew (at my young age) would fall apart as soon as it got wet. I gave it a hair cut since I didn't like the ponytail but found out the top of her head was sponge and had a comb-over (like Trump) to hide that fact. Ended up throwing it away. I never liked dolls but my BFF had one and the pressure got to me.
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