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In some ways, I'm lucky as hell, and other ways I'm screwed. I inherited my dad's money, where most of it was in the stock market. It was all taken out before any of this happened, so I banked on that. He had an IRA that was partially invested in the market (my dad was a risk taker), but I cashed that as well because I didn't like the bank it was under. Needless to say, I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, I'm worried about the job market in a few years. I'm in college studying for a job in computers and the last thing I need is to have to find a job in a poor job market. While I could freelance to keep afloat, it delays my future monetary plans by quite a bit. Also, I have to take out loans every year to pay for school (that money I took out of those stocks already went to pay for school - go figure) and, with my bad credit (I am also disabled, so the inability to work really hampers my credit power) it could be impossible to find a loan. I'll have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully they'll straighten this out before I'm out of school, but if not, I'll be living with my family for a little while longer.
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That is why I got out of that state. So many people think it's right to use a gun for even small thing. (eg, When a friend of mine got mugged, everyone kept telling us to carry around a gun of our own - as if that would stop them, lol. I grew up in DC and saw just how bad rampant gun use is, so no thanks.) Terrible, terrible.

What he should have done was use the gun (unloaded!) to get them on their knees, then tie them up together or lock them in a secure room, and call the police. The police are there for a reason!
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I've been there! My father's from Bolivia, and his family took us there the last time we visited. Notice those people at the bottom? Just imagine how big that is in real life.

It was originally a construction site. However, they had to stop when they found those tracks. :P
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@ dooflotchie,

Sorry, but I got a giggle when you said, "AND his balls." It took me a moment to get my mind out of the gutter.

I'm glad his kitty's doing better. I can't believe people can do that, but it happens all the time. *sigh*
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I'd go there to shop. However, I'm not anywhere near there.

What I do have is pretty nice, though. Here in my corner of Arkansas, there are farmer's markets everywhere. They're small, but the cost to get into it is low, so tons of people are out there selling anything imaginable, even local restaurants who want cheap advertising. Also, there are millions of farmers selling produce out of their trucks. I'm not kidding when I say that there was one person off the side of the road selling a bushel of apples for $1 (yep, a full basket, maybe 10 or 15 apples, for $1 - I thought it was a typo at first). I miss the east coast, but the constant bombardment of fresh fruit and veggies kind of makes up for it.
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I've heard about him before. I believe most of his work got destroyed, and he was never all that well known during his time. It's really now that we have what he described in place that we realize he was correct. Creepy.
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Love how this has deteriorated into a pissing contest between the two sides. Gotta love politics. (And I grew up in DC...*shudder*.)

Has anyone here thought that they had such similarly worded answers on purpose? I think the people who made this quiz made quite a statement.

Obama supporter all the way, BTW. Got one question towards McCain, but that's because I like a step by step methodology when describing anything with the environment. Obama sounded too vague in that instance. Oh, and religion has no place in a political discussion (says the Buddhist).

Now I'll just go sit in the corner and watch the bickering.
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It's actually ingenious to put a transmitter there. If you're too close to a tower (say, right below one), oftentimes you won't get a signal. By putting one there, they're discouraging people from using their cells near the gas pumps. :)
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I do have to say, Sarah Palin has inspired me. If it only takes a few years experience plus good fashion sense, I can become a VP myself just in time for the next election! Thanks, Sarah Palin.

What's bad is that I *do* have family in politics. I'm related to both Victor Paz and Walter Guevara, two presidents of Bolivia. Hell, I've been to more countries than Palin has.

Me can has presidency?
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