Homeowner Shot Teenage Intruder Over Twinkies

In the State of Texas, homeowners have the right to use deadly force to protect their lives and property. But the case of Jose Luis Gonzalez sparked a controversy when the jury found him not guilty for shooting a teenage intruder over snacks and soda:

Gonzalez had endured several break-ins at his trailer when the four boys, ranging in age from 11 to 15, broke in. Gonzalez, who was in a nearby building at the time, went into the trailer and confronted the boys with a 16-gauge shotgun. Then he forced the boys, who were unarmed, to their knees, attorneys on both sides say.

The boys say they were begging for forgiveness when Gonzalez hit them with the barrel of the shotgun and kicked them repeatedly. Then, the medical examiner testified, Anguiano was shot in the back at close range. Two mashed Twinkies and some cookies were stuffed in the pockets of his shorts.

Another boy, Jesus Soto Jr., now 16, testified that Gonzalez ordered them at gunpoint to take Anguiano's body outside.

Gonzalez said he thought Anguiano was lunging at him when he fired the shotgun.

Many people in Laredo — a town just across the Rio Grande from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where drug violence runs rampant — defended Gonzalez's actions. In online responses to articles published by the Morning Times, comments included statements such as "The kid got what he deserved" and calls to "stop the unfair prosecution."

http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gQaQF39EbtehzlGgDJF34yEYviEwD93F8OD00 | (Photo from this FOXNews article)

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It makes me sick to think how are society has turned so Pro Criminal. Yes, lets please defend the little bastard that broke into another persons house. He wasn't shot over twinkies. Make no mistake. He was shot for breaking in. Do you blame the fuel or the fire? Kid would still be alive if he hadn't gone in. I'm a true Democrat but have no respect for worthless criminals. Nor will I defend any. Again, Kid would be alive had he not broken in. Stop blaming the innocent and place blame on those that deserve it. The criminals. The way I see it, this homeowner is a hero. He deserves a medal for cleaning out the trash. We are a ruined society when a homeowner feels he can't defend his/her own home and property because he/she might be charged with a crime. Ridiculous. Wake up, America. This is why the criminals are winning.
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Home invasion=getting shot. Kids are as dangerous as adults, and have less impulse control. They aren't legally accountable, and a lot of parents don't care what they do. It sounds like a really enraging ghetto situation, without a solution. I guess the guy could have gotten rich and moved. Or he could just absorb it forever without letting his charity and humanity be compromised. It's sad on a lot of levels.
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Crime will always go on. How we respond to it reveals something about our own humanity and respect for it (or lack thereof).

Americans enjoy their sense of themselves as pioneering, free-range sorts. They value their "freedom" and their scrappiness. That's all well and good, if somewhat simplistic. But I feel like some of the responses here are born out of that kind of blind renegade spirit--a spirit that, while certainly useful at the dawn of our country and in all our various creative endeavors, has morphed in contexts such as this into a rigid, ignorant and dangerous attitude of fear masked as aggression.

I love this country, a lot. But we can be brave and righteous and compassionate all at the same time. Those who seek to justify a killing that was not strictly necessary are at the very least at risk, I think, of perverting the pride and spunk they associate with their national identity into a rather barbaric version of its former self-- of disrespect, or at least lack of meaningful consideration, for human life.
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>Yet another reason to never to go to Texas.

Or, maybe, yet another reason never to break into someone else's house?

Sorry, but it works my nerves when people think that because of the castle doctrine, Texans are all a bunch of crazy gun nuts like the guy on "The Simpsons" who dances and shoots his pistols in the air.

Yes, this was excessive interpretation of the castle doctrine. Yes, he shot a child in the back. These points are true and shameful. I've never been to Laredo, but understand that at one point it was the auto-theft capital of Texas. If I lived in a high-crime area where police were not likely to show up quickly or even at all, I'd want to be able to defend my person and property. And, as someone else pointed out, these kids weren't apprehended while doing something you know, lawful.

I'm sorry for the death, but please don't be blind and bigoted about the entire state because of this.
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