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When I was younger, exercise worked for me. Then again, I exercised five hours a day. :P (Excessive, I know, but I had A LOT of energy that would have otherwise gone to eating, shopping, or other destructive activity.) Too bad I can't do that anymore due to my physical disability. :( Waaaa.

Anyway, interesting study. It just goes to show that the more a food is processed, the less good it is for you.
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You know, it's actually fairly easy to make something like that as long as you have some Photoshop skills (then again, I'm a design student, so meh). I read a tutorial online where you take a picture, do some sort of layer effect on it (overlay? I forget), then add the text in another layer and do some other layer effect on it (I'm positive this one is overlay...). Anyway, takes all of 15 minutes. Still cool, though.
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You know what's really scary? They live about 30 minutes down the road from me. Yeah. I haven't ever seen them out shopping but, if I do, I'll have to resist the urge to throw something.
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Uhhh...I'm a female art student who's also a nerd (well, geek). What about me? Am I the exception to the rule?

Then again, I'm studying interactive media design, so maybe I'm a mix of both.
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Some of that clothing could be in style, too. Not all of it, but the (mostly) non-tacky stuff would be.

I love David Crosby's shirt. I know, I know, ugly, but I would have such fun playing with those fringes. I also like his hair.

Elton John's parents are awesome.
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WOOOOOOOOO!!! Something mentioning Bolivia. I am touched. (My dad's from that country.)

*Ahem* I have to say I never heard of that practice. Then again, my family is related to Spanish royalty, so they consider anything indigenous to be below them. Of course, unless they're trying to be "enlightened", then they wear a poncho and listen to psuedo-indigenous music. A lot like liberals in this country, actually. (For the record, I am liberal and am guilty of wearing a poncho, so I'm making fun of myself.)
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@McD, they had no way to heat it. The battery was warming itself using the solar panels, so no sun means the battery freezes over, and frozen electronics are never happy campers.

Goodbye, my sweet Phoenix. We can only hope you live up to your name and rise from the ashes, so to speak. Man, I am in such a mood for cliches tonight.
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I think I'll try that with my creditors. I told them I was disabled and couldn't work, so they told me to stop being lazy and get to work. Never answered the phone when they called again. I think I'll draw a bunny eating a clover, how does that sound? I can post pics when I'm done. I'll tell them it'll be worth millions once I make it big in web design. Yeah, that sounds good.
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This story made my day. I was diagnosed with something that is, while not life threatening, going to affect me my whole life. I was crying my eyes out, going through my feed reader, and I read that story. It made me feel really selfish. He really is a treasure.

There is something we lose when we go from being a child to an adult. At his age, I had four operations, one lasting six hours. I also had physical therapy that required them to pick dead skin off my wound. Looking back on it, I am amazed at how I handled it, because it makes me cry as an adult. It's like children aren't burdened by the minutiae that we let control our lives. They see life as something that is lived. The ambition and doubts that plague us as adults aren't as present. Sure, they have their worries as well, but they seem far stronger and better suited to take life's troubles head on. As we grow, we become more scared.

I wish we could hold onto that strength as adults instead of letting it kill us. Life is only beautiful if we make it that way. If only we all took one hour a week to volunteer some place, or even took some time and opened our minds to compassion, then this world would really be a better place. But that's not going to happen, and people are always going to hate. We all only need to hold out hope that someday love and trust will be prevalent.

I think I need a tissue.
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What a waste of good coca leaves. I've had coca leaf tea before, and it was very good as an aspirin. This only proves my point to people that coca does NOT equal cocaine, as many people seem to think. Coca is a natural product used by many people in my father's home country (Bolivia) and should not be restricted and burned all because people decide they want to mix harmful materials with it to make a buck.
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Oh my. When she took the scissors to the cord, it reminded me of when I father did that to the phone. Granted, my dad didn't have the excuse of age at that point, but still.

It did bring up a good point about the conversions. This will be so confusing to a few people out there.

Those old TVs they showed in the beginning are awesome. I wish I watched TV on those - umm, maybe not.
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Amazing! It makes me feel bad for being a Renaissance lady (again!) this year. (Hey, I paid $200 for the damned outfit at a Renaissance fair two years ago, and I am going to get some use out of it! I'm in college, $200 is a lot of money to me, lol.) Well, to be fair, the costume is probably more accurate to the late Middle Ages, but meh, not like the kids I'll be giving candy to will care.

I love what you and your hubby are doing as well. It makes me wish my boy toy wasn't halfway across the country so we could have matching homemade costumes as well.
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