How to Convert Your Analog TV to Digital

Did you know that starting February 2009, analog TV will be no more? That's right - all TV signal will go digital and if you still have a rabbit ear TV antenna, you'd need to convert the analog signal to digital.

Here's 99-year-old Mae LaBorde of the Talkshow with Spike Ferensten helping us prepare for the big switch: [embedded YouTube] - Thanks Marilyn!

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I live in Wilmington, NC and we're, unfortunatly, the flagship city for the entire country for the Digital happened in September...there are plenty of bugs that need to be worked out first, it kinda sucks. At least with analog, when the signal gets weak the picture only gets fuzzier, but with digital the picture is non-existent, like watching a scratched DVD...
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I requested a coupon, it never arrived, and the guv'ment won't reissue it. I didn't watch much TV anyway, so I guess come February it's DVDs-only for me.

Pretty funny though. They're apparently worried about fraud in the sale of converter boxes. They'll bail out rich bankers, but fret over coupons to people who don't subscribe to cable and have old TVs.
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Analog TV will be no more? Where? Analog has been dead where I live for over a year. Where others live, it might not be dead for years to come.

If you mean "in America", you should remember to write that when you're on the web, seeing as the two first w:s in your own URL don't refer to it being a local concern.
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Oh my. When she took the scissors to the cord, it reminded me of when I father did that to the phone. Granted, my dad didn't have the excuse of age at that point, but still.

It did bring up a good point about the conversions. This will be so confusing to a few people out there.

Those old TVs they showed in the beginning are awesome. I wish I watched TV on those - umm, maybe not.
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