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Good lord. That's why I refuse to rent out my condo.

I have a friend whose family rents out properties. They have maybe 100 houses for rent in one town alone. When they have to evict people (which does happen, unfortunately), those people tend to not clean up after themselves. They have a photo album of those examples (yeah, weird, right?), and some of that stuff is just nasty. Of course, they've also gotten pieces of antique furniture the people left behind, so it's not a total loss. None of that really matches up to that mess, however.
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I had heard about this one town in Italy that was completely abandoned after an earthquake (or maybe a volcano). I wonder if this is just like that.

I wish I had the money to do so. If they caught me a year ago, back when I was searching for a place to restore (and had my friends as personal, free - as long as I fed them - labor). Bah Bah Bah!
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I happen to have a kitten that loves to be read to. If it has cats in it, she'll sit attentively for about fifteen minutes or so - and if you think that's a short amount of time, you've obviously never had a kitten!
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This isn't good for me. Bi polar disorder runs on both sides of my family, and now I hear that because my dad was older when I was born (48), I'm at an even greater risk. Joy. I'm making an appointment to the shrink now, thanks.
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People can be so shallow. I remember watching an episode of Emergency Vets a couple of years ago. This huge biker dude came in whimpering about how his rabbit wasn't responding. It turned out to be a fatal hairball (I had a rabbit that died of that myself) and the poor guy was bawling over the dead body of his rabbit. A few months later, the same guy comes back with his new rabbit, a French lop named Little Bunny Foo Foo, for a checkup. Bikers have feelings too, see?
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